Song Production


Simply put, we push to create a truly outstanding sound in our music production. We make the process personal and tailored to your vision, while elevating your song to a level that competes with the best music in the world.


Whether it's just vocals, individual instrumental elements or a full band/orchestra, our decades of experience with recording ensures you're in the best hands. With our pool of go-to Grammy-winning engineers, the quality is as good as it gets.


As the head mixer at Sonic Gods, Chris has a unique clarity and dynamic edge to his mixes. Included with every production, your songs' mix quality will up to any pro record. In addition, Sonic Gods has Grammy-winning mixers just a call away.

Our Production

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Commercial Production



SG Remakes

Here at Sonic Gods, we know that success requires more than just great music. That’s why we also offer pro music video and behind the scenes content services, as well as FULL branding and marketing consultations too.

With this in mind – we put together some exciting all inclusive packages that were designed to give you a world-class edge and boost your road to success. You can pick a package or we can custom build one for you. Check them out here:

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